So that’s why you like Darius Rucker

If you look at the top of this here shiny new weblog you’ll see it’s titled Under Crescent Moons. This title is a tip of the ol’ hat to the two places in the world I have the pleasure of calling home. Although I am an overtly—or is is overly?—proud South Carolinian, I currently live in the Turkish Republic. The flags of both homes feature a crescent moon. The South Carolina flag’s crescent moon is rooted in the uniforms of Palmetto State soldiers in the Revolutionary War. The origin of the moon on Turkey’s national flag is disputed, but it is widely regarded as an insignia of the Turks and Islam.

My South Carolina roots have shaped who I am and how I see the world. That I am South Carolinian explains why I have deep affection for the ocean and mountains with blue ridges; why I like to drink sweet tea by the gallon; why I insist on saying “yes, ma’am” and “y’all;” why I say War Between the States to refer to the War of Northern Aggression; and why I like Darius Rucker.

My Turkish home is shaping who I am becoming. That I live in Turkey explains why I have a deep affection for the Black Sea; why I eat my sunflower seeds like one at a time; why I back up on the highway if I happen to miss my exit; why I drink hot tea in tiny tulip-shaped glasses; why I say “merhaba” and call most any guy my “older brother;” why I love hospitality and feel entirely comfortable staying overnight at the house of someone I just met; and why I am learning to value relationships and community at deeper levels than ever before.

The way I see the world, and thus, the way I write about it is shaped by both homes—their people, cultures, languages, religions, and values. The greatest shaper, however, is the One who spoke the moon into existence. It is He who ultimately shapes me and all things.

So I live—and write—under crescent moons, whose lands and peoples and Creator craft the life and story that I live.

So welcome to my new site.


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