Here in the real world

I recently posted about the fundamental confession of Christians: Jesus is Lord.

I think Christians need to be reminded of this fact from time to time. Our hearts are prone to wander and our faces are prone to redden. Remembering that we live in the world that actually exists should set our compass to True North and our strengthen our weak knees.

I say the world that actually exists to make a stark contrast with the wish-worlds of our current culture-shapers. Worlds created in their own image. Worlds that do not recognize that Jesus is Lord. Worlds that deny evil and then have no other adequate word to describe ISIS. Worlds that have to borrow ideas and terms from Christianity even in order bash Christianity (e.g. hate, love, justice).

In the world that actually exists, Jesus is Lord and everything else falls in line.

But in the present, everything doesn’t often appear to be falling in line. So what is a faithful Christian to do when faced with everything from beheadings to state-sponsored lawsuits to everyday cool-shaming?

Remember that in the world that actually exists Jesus is Lord. What He says is good, is good. What He says is evil, is evil.

Just because God’s rivals tell alternate stories does not mean we have to believe them. We don’t have to play by their rules just because they insist we do.

Here in the real world (cue the Alan Jackson soundtrack): the apocalypse will not be ushered in on the bloody sands of Dabiq; calling something marriage doesn’t make it so any more than calling something with four equal sides a triangle doesn’t actually make it a triangle; and we still don’t have to answer a fool according to his folly, despite his attempts to make us blush.

Jesus is Lord. Therefore, we shall not fear. What can man do to us? History will be written by the One who speaks it. Stand for what Christ says is good. Stand against that which He says is evil. Let the chips fall where they may; after all, He’s the one flinging the chips.

Jesus is Lord. Therefore, we shall not be embarrassed by what He says. He says death entered the world by Adam, not by macro—or any other type of—evolution? I believe it. Call me small-minded, anti-intellectual, or ignoring “the science.” I’ll chuckle and have another sip of sweet tea. He says that marriage is between one man and one woman for life? I’m down. Call me a bigot or not able to get on with the times. I’ll smile and go kiss my wife. I won’t be embarrassed that God judged the Canaanites for their sin or that Jesus actually walked on water or that Revelation pictures Jesus on a white horse in the sky. The Bible is the authority for all of life.

Jesus is Lord. Therefore, we are free to love everyone. Jesus loves across races and so should we. Jesus loves across cultures and so should we. Jesus loves sinners—while they are still rebels—and so should we. Even if our love is met with hate, we are free to love. Because vengeance doesn’t belong to us (Romans 12:19), but to the One who reigns forever.

“The Lord reigns! Yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved; he will judge the peoples with equity.”—Psalm 96:10


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