7 Ways to Respond to SCOTUS

So the Supreme Court took it upon itself to attempt a redefinition of marriage, leaving a heap of Constitutional ashes in its wake. I expect rulings on square circles, dry water, and well-lit darkness to come down the pike soon. These are other things, like SSM, that cannot actually exist.

In the meantime, I suggest seven things American Christians can do right now in response:

1. Pray. God has not left us alone. He is still a refuge and strength. And he bids us to come and pray. Pray for repentance. Pray that many would turn to Him. Pray for grace and strength for Christians in an ever-increasing hostile culture. Pray that His Kingdom come.

2. Give Thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 commands us to give thanks in all circumstances. “All circumstances” would include those circumstances in which five blacked-robed Nazgul condemned the good sense of every civilization in the history of the world up to 15 years ago. So give thanks that God is still on the throne. That Jesus actually is Lord. That marriage, in fact, cannot be redefined. That you get to live in such circumstances where you can clearly proclaim the distinctiveness of Christ. That God has given to us real marriage—that would be between one man and one woman, for life—to illustrate the glory of Christ and His Church. That God brings all kinds of rebellious sinners near by the blood of Christ. To be clear, “all kinds of rebellious sinners” includes both the gayest of gay pride marchers and me (and you). And, being the chief of sinners, for this I shall give thanks.

3. Rejoice. Count it all joy when you face trials of various kinds (James 1:2). When others revile you, rejoice and be glad (Matthew 5:12). Rejoice that you are saved. Rejoice that God is holy and will see all things to a righteous end. Rejoice that the Gospel speeds on and triumphs. That Jesus will defeat every foe along the way, including Secularism, Erotic Libertarianism, and, finally, Death itself (1 Corinthians 15:26). Jesus wins. Rejoice.

4. Dissent, defy, disobey, and laugh. Godly Christian men should have at least one moment today where they give a good horse laugh at the Supreme Court. As Justice Roberts asked of his court, just who do they think they are? Additionally, we will have many a moment in the days to come to dissent, defy, and disobey such Constitutional tomfoolery and recklessness. This would be a good time to get a good handle on what Romans 13 does and does not require. The first battleground is language. We should defy and disobey the current culture-makers by refusing to go along with their definitions and language: I will not call this marriage.

5. Weep. After we have had a good laugh at the folly of our cultural kingpins, we should weep. The end of these shenanigans will be brokenness, heartbreak, and familial and communal wreckage. Nothing will be left untouched. Real lives, real Image-bearers will be broken, battered, and shattered. They are being lied to, led astray, and enticed by a handful of fairy-dust promises that cannot be delivered. The whole thing is sad and I am not one itty bitty bit happy about it. Let all God’s people weep with those who will inevitably weep.

6. Tell someone about Jesus. The only remedy for sin is Jesus. People need Jesus. People hear about Jesus from other people. Be that person for as many other people as possible. Replacing Justice Kennedy with Justice Limbaugh will not save our countrymen. Replacing their god—Orgasmic Liberty For All!—with the real God—Father, Son, and Spirit—will save them forever.

7. Kiss your wife. A faithful Christian man should go home and tenderly take his wife in his arms, tell her he loves her, and lay a whopper of a kiss on her lips. Celebrate real marriage by celebrating your marriage.


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