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Run Like a Stallion: How American Football Explains Turkey

What do Tim Tebow, Nick Saban, and the former seat of the Ottoman Empire have in common? More than you think. Though Turkey is known for its soccer, Islam, and burgeoning economic and political influence, a small band of young Turks are turning to a surprising venue to find fun, friendship and even social advancement—American football. In Run Like a Stallion, author Rhett Burns draws upon his two-year stint coaching the Istanbul-based Koc Stallions to introduce readers to modern Turkey—its culture, contradictions, and characters—through the peculiar lens of an obscure sport.

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The New People Next Door: Learning to Love Your Cross-Cultural Neighbors  (forthcoming from Rainer Publishing, late 2016)

In The New People Next Door, two American families move to eastern Turkey to live as ethnic, linguistic, and religious minorities in an effort to identify with the similar situations of our cross-cultural neighbors in the United States. Authors Drew Taylor and Rhett Burns build a theological framework calling American Christians to obey Jesus by loving their cross-cultural neighbor well and share practical insights on how to do so.


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